The Innovation Hub, Manipur is first of its kind in the state. It is conceived with a vision to propagate original ideas in the field of Information Technology where the talented and the imaginative can explore their true potential, and hopefully break new grounds. The Innovation Hub is in effect, a research and development venture where the state can showcase and promote its ingenuity and be a contributive member in the world of computers.

IHM is conceived with a vision to truly produce something of worth and merit. It seeks to promote leaders in innovation. It is a haven for the curious and daring minds to explore their potential and realize it by improving lives through their ideas and products. IHM is where ideas meet and gives birth to new approaches that may bend or break the existing rules of computers and its auxiliaries to make way for something new and better. IHM is truly one of its kind in Manipur and it will be another addition as a cause for fame for the state besides various others.

The Innovation center is a common ground to observe, understand, interact and experiment. Initially conceived as a museum for children, the project gave rise to ideas that would encourage interaction among students and scientists. The innovation center provides a hands-on experience in science, a common ground formed as a direct result of the interaction of a library, laboratory, workshops and discussion areas.

  • To develop a tinkering culture amongst students and professionals and induce innovation driven approach with industry collaboration, and learning from other experts and leaders in IT.
  • To promote new technology/knowledge/innovation based IT startups in Emerging Technologies.
  • To build a vibrant startup ecosystem in Manipur by establishing a strong network with IT Companies, aspiring local entrepreneurs, academic institutions and other start up related bodies.
  • To provide cost effective, value added services to startups like mentoring, legal, regulatory, financial, technical, intellectual property related services.
  • To provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies/ideas developed by the incubatees.
  • To create jobs, wealth and business aligning with State’s priorities.
  • To provide cost effective, value added services to startups like mentoring, legal, regulatory, financial, technical, intellectual property related services.

Create | Innovate

Albert Einstein once said that the sign of true intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. He had enough foresight to recognize the power of ingenuity in men. It was through ingenuity that men, despite his flaws, have come this far and continues to do so. To create something new requires a sharp imagination and above all an overwhelming desire to change the way we chart our course. Innovation Hub, Manipur, will be a place where ideas are born and where desire to create is nurtured.

Innovation and creativity will be the heart and soul of IHM. The whole system will revolve around these two important factors. We seek to improve the world by understanding more each day. True learning begins when we apply and becomes our second nature. Here, like minded individuals can share their learning and zeal constructively and hopefully pave new paths for posterity to follow. The power of creativity can never be overstated. IHM is the place where its limits can be tested.

Observe | Understand | Interact | Experiment

When we create something we are giving testimony to our understanding of knowledge. Whatever we have learned are in the end but tools and parts to be assemble to create entirely something new. Learning begins with humility and humility begins with observation, and understanding begins with realizing the purpose. Each step is an interconnected whole which begins to take shape once we have enough courage to interact and experiment with our ideas whatever the odds that may take shape to challenge us. Like our name, Innovation Hub, Manipur, is a place where those with both the talent and courage can share and promote their ideas which may change the lives of people for the better.

Observation, understanding, interaction and experimentation will be a part of daily life in IHM. Everybody is encourage to share their insights and doubts for that matter to add clarity to an understanding or judgment. We nurture potentials which aren’t afraid to dive in to uncharted waters. It’s where you can showcase, promote and integrate ideas and be a part of something much greater than yourself.



Innovation Hub | Manipur

Observe . Understand . Interact . Experiment

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