The IHM A.I. lab is a state of the art environment where researchers can modularized their tasks to increase efficiency.

The IHM Artificial Intelligence or A.I., lab is the first of its kind in the state. The lab is divided into different A.I. stations. The stations are categorized as ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Law Enforcement’, ‘Healthcare’, ‘Exploration’, ‘Smart Homes’ and ‘Special Functions’.

‘Smart Cities’ concerns with monitoring core infrastructure elements. It could be mean water supply, power supply, sanitation programs such as waste management, urban mobility and public transport, affordable housing, robust IT connectivity and digitization, good governance such as e-Governance and citizen participation, sustainable environment, law enforcement and health and education etc. A.I. assistance is a proven reality where it helps the civil servants executes their tasks more efficiently with significantly lower overheads saving needless wastage in time and taxpayer’s money. Human oversight and errors in judgment are drastically reduced with A.I. integration in public services buttressing civil administration with a renewed vigor.

‘Law Enforcement’ depends a lot on the judgment of the train professionals. Success in the law enforcement profession requires a variety of personal and professional characteristics. It all begins with recruitment. Besides the physical caliber it’s paramount that the recruiters do a solid background check of the cadets before enlisting them for further training. A.I. can assist in pulling up character profiles of each individual by integrating character analysis procedure in its function allowing recruiters to focus more on their specialized tasks. Besides serving auxiliary functions A.I. has come more and more into focus with the rise in violations of legal boundaries in cyber space. A.I. takes center stage in monitoring cyber traffic where unusual activity can be tracked, located and monitored. It can alert the authority in an instant where they can take further actions by judging the situation. Law enforcement will be a devoted area of A.I. functions where crimes, legal disputes and violations can be monitored and checked.

‘Healthcare’ A.I. will concern itself with essential functions of healthcare and wellness. It could mean life support, health monitors where individuals can carry it around in their smartphones to remind them of health conditions, health care facilities monitors which could assist healthcare professionals in case of doubt or error in their judgment about the condition of a patient which need immediate action or otherwise, staff supervision and staff administration where A.I. integrated system can keep tabs and logs about the activity each day and security parameters which could alert the authorities in case of an intruder etc.

‘Exploration’ stations will concern itself with building terrain modules for mapping of uncharted territory where inaccessible areas can be explored, it could also mean underwater divers without necessitating the risk and the time involve with human divers, it could help with construction business where A.I. machines can calculate and make estimations of the viability of land and the structure, disaster management where rescue operations and relief could be assisted to the authorities etc.

‘Smart Homes’ stations will be devoted to the idea of affordable, portable A.I. which could integrate itself in any shelter, houses or buildings where inhabitants can make use of security parameters, accident prevention, assistance in routine, reminders; where your shelter learns your habits and adapts to it by making your home particularly serviceable for you. To make it remotely accessible, smart homes today make use of Internet of Things, which is basically internet where data and information tailored to our specific needs are collected and transferred for our use without human intervention.

‘Special Functions’ could mean customized functions such as utility tools based on the functions of the client’s specialty. It could mean people’s online behavior in trading which could help optimize products, plan inventory, logistics etc., or it could mean digital personal assistants which could attached to phones by answering questions, providing recommendations and help organize daily routines, it could mean machine translations of written or verbal text, it could mean A.I. based prosthetics for amputees where A.I. algorithm interpret nerve signals from the patient’s muscles for it to allowed precise controlled etc.



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