Artificial Intelligence Lab

The IHM A.I. lab is a state of the art environment where researchers can modularized their tasks to increase efficiency.

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Internet of Things Lab

Internet of things is an umbrella term of an omnipresent network where customized information are collected and transferred at required locations by utilizing a broad range of technologies, applications and use cases.

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Robotics Lab

IHM robotics lab will be a comprehensive research and development area devoted to stand alone machines with either limited functions or with A.I. module to expand its scope of operation.

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Conference Room

Conference room will be where IHM boardroom meetings, conferences, webinars and discussion concerning IHM management, targets, progresses and other related analytics are highlighted.

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Mind Room

Mind room is the space where ideas related to specific task are exchanged among members of related field.

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Examination Room

Examination room will be devoted to observing and testing new products’ viability and its operability.

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